"I enjoyed reading your words. They flowed like good music does." - Marty Morell

"Your words and music essay is BRILLIANT and thought provoking. You, Paul Desmond and Roger Ruggeri, former principal bassist with the Milwaukee Symphony as well as wonderful composer and arts administrator are top members of my HIGH I.Q. Club."- David Amram

Special thanks to Joel Chadabe for suggesting writing liner notes for my albums, expanded to addressing myriad musical subjects.

These writings have been quoted by Carnegie Hall and MIT publications; used for classes at CalArts, New York University and the University of California at Berkeley; and are included in the Bob Dylan Archive in Oklahoma. They range from voluminous to short to everything inbetween - enjoy!

One professor where Michael lectured said they deserved to be compiled in books, so any publishers visiting please feel free to make contact.

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Dark Star Reborn


Azure Pure


Syntactical Acclimatization


Jazz Swim


Awesome Christina


Creation-Recording Zeitgeist


Spiritual Entreaties


Coltrane Was Being Candid


The Feeling Is Mutual


Gift of a Lifetime from Earl Wild


Setting the Bar High


Maihar Gharana appearing in textura



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