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He Played Like A God

Jackie McLean

Seated very close to Jackie McLean while he performed in NYC and LA on a number of occasions remains one of the primary cornerstones of my musical consciousness and inspiration. He played like a god!

Even Jackie's best recordings don't quite capture the sensation of being there with him, breathing the same air, feeling the same stimuli from the room, scrutinizing his facial and physical nuances together with his alto saxophone improvisations.

I'm beyond grateful to have a part of what Jackie McLain imparted being a part of me always, including recent ventures into jazz improvisation.

- Michael Robinson, December 2021, Los Angeles


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Michael Robinson is a Los Angeles-based composer and musicologist. His 162 albums include 149 albums for meruvina and 13 albums of piano improvisations. He has been a lecturer at UCLA, Bard College and California State University.