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One Dot World: Eleanor Academia

Eleanor Academia


While no one could ever match her original recording, the world desperately needs Eleanor Academia's masterpiece, "One Dot World", now. Wondering about who might do another version, Sarah Bareillies, Norah Jones, Beyoncé and Tayor Swift come to mind instantly. I'm sure they'd all love it, and their fans, too. Sting would also be perfect for this. Hope it happens.



Music insiders know how Eleanor exemplifies "The West Is The Best" as both an artist and person, including being in high demand for studio work, while perhaps best known publically for her number one hit song, "Adventure".



And she's also a master of Kulintang music, an ancient art form from the Southern Phillipines, not to mention being a martial arts expert, something she teaches along with her husband.

My good fortune meeting Eleanor came when we were both at one of the Friday evening parties held by Nazir Ali Jairazbhoy and Amy Catlin at their Valley Village home. Her kind, enthusiastic encouragement for my music will never be forgotten. It was an honor and privilege to do some work for Eleanor in my own studio.

Using her poetic skills, she once graced me with this written utterance, most beautifully tying together no less than five of my albums from that time with her two songs included above.

a gift of true friendship is a most adorned pearl scented with indian jasmine amongst the thunder of rainbow piercing through tendrils into a one dot world adventure

For me, this is priceless, capturing how deeply she appreciated and understood my music inspiring her to verse. And for those unfamiliar with these earlier albums, they are part of my best work, illuminating initial explorations with the meruvina and Indian classical music forms, colors, and procedures.

Here are links to some of Eleanor Academia's many disciplines and Wikipedia pages.

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- Michael Robinson, October 2019, Los Angeles


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