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Malleable Music Maze

Similar to museums, why not have a range of musical events occurring on the same day or even the same evening under the umbrella of symphony orchestra organizations, perhaps even amending or adding to their official name reflective of this multiplicity. Such a concept would be inclusive of the history of Western classical music, but also include traditional music of those cultures that have influenced Western composers. In addition to orchestra performances, there would be various forms of chamber music, including solo performers such as pianists representing Western forms and tabla players representing the Indian classical music tradition. And mindful of the present, there would also be music made with technology such as I do myself. This would break down barriers of what to expect and who one might run into, also dissolving uselessly artificial hierarchies of musical thought and practice. In other words, just like a museum, where one often goes to experience a range of artistic endeavor, the same would hold true for music. Perhaps most importantly, visitors would often find themselves experiencing music they would not normally expose themselves to, broadening perspectives and inspiring new thoughts.

- Michael Robinson, January 2017, Los Angeles


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Michael Robinson is a Los Angeles-based composer and writer (musicologist).