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Love Stands Still

We are fortunate for those moments where love stands still. By that I mean remaining eternal even when the person who created or inspired that love is no longer here. This includes what was created with love, such as an album of music engendered by the moments of that time. It also includes wonderful experiences shared with another person whether intellectual, romantic, or simply fun.

Both forms of love, creative and personal, stand still forever in our awareness and memory, with the passage and movement of time existing vibrant and dynamic in the present upon experiencing or recalling such music, which being invisible and in-between the physical and metaphysical worlds, transcends corporeal presence itself by idiosyncratic definition. This essence is central to the allure of the meruvina, allowing for a unique evolution of music creation or composition and music-making or performance.

As an afterthought, I suppose part of this is what Larry Hart meant in his song with Dick Rodgers, “My Heart Stood Still,” if interpreting the lyrics in a larger sense, too, including artistic creation.

- Michael Robinson, June 2020, Los Angeles


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Michael Robinson is a Los Angeles-based composer and writer (musicologist).