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Pretty Funny, Actually

About not fitting into categories

It's pretty funny, actually. Some jazz people might say what I do isn't jazz; some Indian classical music people might say what I do isn't Indian classical music; some "contemporary classical" music people might say what I do isn't "contemporary classical" music; and some computer/electronic music people might say what I do isn't computer/electronic music, so there's no place for me.  Perhaps this adds up to an unfortunate intolerance by some for individual and synergistic transcendence; an unwillingness to allow for artistic innovation and coexistence.

The title composition of the new Nectar-Spells album is influenced by Raga Abhogi.


Ocean of Honey follows Asavari Thaat within rhythmic cycles of eleven, my favorite number.


Roaming Spirits follows Kafi Thaat while shifting between rhythmic cycles of seven and five.


For those who have taken interest and supported my music, I am most grateful, of course.

- Michael Robinson, August 2018, Los Angeles


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Michael Robinson is a Los Angeles-based composer and writer (musicologist).