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My motivation has always been to create original music as opposed to copying styles of the past or present. This has entailed distilling elements of American jazz, European classical, and Indian classical music into a personal new or strange brew, the latter phrase evoking how rock and pop are so much a part of me as to be invisible. Central to my vision is composing and creating performances using a combination of software and hardware named the Meruvina, taking advantage of this medium’s unique expressive and technical capabilities.

The instrument or instruments one uses from solo to ensemble, acoustic to electronic, really is secondary, so don't get hung up on that. Just engage with the music itself.

These are my most recent compositions featured on the Tunis Phantom (2019), Dazzling Darkness (2019), Spirit Lady (2019) and Queen of Space (2020) albums.





My vision encompasses personal experience with American jazz, European classical, Indian classical, avant-garde, rock, pop, and computer instruments sublimated into new musical creations.

- Michael Robinson, February 2020, Los Angeles


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Michael Robinson is a Los Angeles-based composer and writer (musicologist)