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Glad to share a transcription of comments made about Taffeta Patterns last night by Gregory Taylor hosting RTQE on WORT FM in Madison, Wisconsin. Gregory's has been a leading new-music show in America beginning in 1986, including a special focus on music made with electrical technological instruments. Any sensitive, creative student of music could spend a lifetime listening to the myriad sounds Gregory gathers and embraces so openly, fastidiously, and passionately, and I'm honored to be among these.

"And that was followed by someone you've heard from time to time, but man, never like this! It's the work of Michael Robinson. His newest release on the Azure Miles label is called Taffeta Patterns. It clocks in at about 57, 58 minutes, and it is what I would consider to be his more traditional raga-based work; in this case the same pitch set as the raga Darbari Kanada, a sort of techno-disco rhythm underneath it. It's really something! We heard an excerpt, again, from the piece Taffeta Patterns - well worth paying attention to."

(Gregory Taylor, composer; host of RTQE on WORT FM in Madison, Wisconsin; senior content developer for cycling74)


- Michael Robinson, March 2021, Los Angeles


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Michael Robinson is a Los Angeles-based composer and writer (musicologist)


Taffeta Patterns by Michael Robinson on RTQE (screenshot 1 of 2)


Taffeta Patterns by Michael Robinson on RTQE (screenshot 2 of 2)