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I like what restaurateur and raconteur (numerologist, astrologist, and myriad other advanced and esoteric things, too!) Bob Longhi used to say about his dreamily vivid original Longhi's in Lahaina, mainly he couldn't stand any music while dining since the sounds of the restaurant goings on were the real music for the special time when you were there. And the restaurant sounds used to open George Harrison's "Soft-Hearted Hana", dedicated to his friend, Bob, were inspired by the restaurant sounds of those Lahaina nights and days, if not an actual recording of Longhi's.

And Bob, if you're somehow reading this, its honestly coincidental the title here uses three words beginning with the letter "P". The people who knew Bob will know what I'm talking about.

- Michael Robinson, July 2018, Los Angeles


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Michael Robinson is a Los Angeles-based composer and writer (musicologist).