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Building on Foundations of Freedom

Michael Robinson, overdue for a haircut and shave, wearing a white onyx monkey silver necklace from India, the pendant not visible here.

Steve Reich freed composers from serialism, reestablishing the vitality of tonal music. Dissatisfied with pattern-only music, I added melodic and rhythmic through-composed content, taking jazz and Indian classical music influences in new directions along with Western composition and performance.

Steve Reich actually was one of my composition teachers, his mentoring arranged by Leonard Altman.

My Indian teachers are assembled here.

And for jazz, Lee Konitz was a teacher who later became a friend.

Queen of Space focuses on melodic movement with slashing timbres and expression reminiscent of one of my great favorites, Jackie McLean, synergizing with earthy dance music talas of seven beats and disembodied melodic ostinati.

- Michael Robinson, May 2020, Los Angeles


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Michael Robinson is a Los Angeles-based composer and writer (musicologist).