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Jaded Juggernauts

This is essentially a conversation about Language and Image in music. Comparisons between contemporaries Brahms and Wagner come to mind. Paradoxically, music focusing on Language may create an Image, and music focusing on Image may develop a Language too.

Those “electroacoustic” juggernauts (I prefer “rock” because its more colorful and expressive), Led Zeppelin, were inspired by the Image of a song by the band Spirit to create their opus Stairway to Heaven. However, Led Zeppelin’s language moved in a different direction almost from the onset, and then developed a different set of Images too on the way to creating a masterpiece.

One of many extraordinary aspects of Indian ragas is how they commence with Image and gradually turn towards labyrinthine explorations of Language.

If it sounds good do it and let it be.

Gangadhara is closer to Image:

Hummingbird Canyon presents Language happening to paint Image too.

Natabhairavi straddles both worlds simultaneously.

- Michael Robinson, July 2016, Los Angeles


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Michael Robinson is a Los Angeles-based composer and writer.