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Triad and Triads

This evocation of triads brought to mind how David Crosby was forced out of The Byrds after attempting to have his song, Triad, included in their new album of the time, the content deemed too risqué. Living on Crater Road off Beverly Glen in Los Angeles at the time, Crosby’s haunting song portrays a desire to openly have two lovers at once in his life, including some powerfully poetic lyrics. Remarkably, the song’s melody begins almost identically as the song Aquarius from Hair, so I’m curious to know who imitated who because such a striking coincidence as this seems unlikely. In our time, composers have been strongly influenced by rock, rhythm and blues and other American and British forms, including Steve Reich who sites Shotgun by Jr. Walker and the All Stars.

Currently in the process of having the entire Azure Miles Records catalog rerecorded and mastered, we came upon three compositions which are personal favorites: A Danish Princess (1987), Snow and Wood (1987) and Delayed Response (1990), all built around musical triads, both major and minor. Lahaina Lanterns: First Part (2013) is centered upon four-note chords.






Getting back to David’s song, Grace Slick and Jefferson Airplane recorded and released Triad instead. My feeling is that it surpasses the original recording by The Byrds, which was eventually released.



- Michael Robinson, February 2017, Los Angeles


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Michael Robinson is a Los Angeles-based composer and writer (musicologist).