A Visionary Digital Templete

"15" Questions - Michael Robinson About Improvisation

commments by Francine Rosenbaum

I read the interview, which is very good and exemplifies your musical work.

When they say, 15 questions, they mean anything within that number? I counted 10 questions for you. Yes, the number of questions being "15" is not always literal.

I liked different ideas and thoughts you put forth:

The idea of “striking the note” ahata nada, and or letting the instrument play itself but for some gentle guidance and or becoming something of a medium the music passes through. 

Interestingly, there is also a strong cultural influence in that art and music is often reflective and born from the culture it comes from reflecting that culture in every way. 

Your music is born from deep improvisation melded with the technical expressing the very nature of deep transformation. 

Your music is boundless within the boundary of the concept of freedom and as it uses the ancient form of “raga” it does so in a visionary digital template breaking all tradition. 

It, your creation, is presented not posed: 

As if the deep subtlety of influence of the inside giving birth to the outside.

The interview from Germany allowed you to express what you are.

Great interview. 

- Francine Rosenbaum, August 2021, Los Angeles, California