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My New Second-Favorite Song

A listener's response to Spirit Lady

Here are comments found online from January 2020 responding to the Spirit Lady album.

"this is truly amazing." (mathmanmrt)

"this is my new second-favorite song. i think i've listened to this all the way through about 9 times in the past three days. most of my students were probably getting pretty tired of it by the end of the day friday. there were a few who were bouncing in their seats grinning like fools the same way i was though." (mathmanmrt)


Having my music appreciated and enjoyed in this manner is gratifying. If mathmanmrt is a music professor or teacher, very cool having Spirit Lady played in its entirety for a class as seemingly indicated. Here is a pertinent excerpt from the Spirit Lady liner notes:

"In the midst of creation, I’m mostly absorbed by sensations and thoughts rather than meaning. Thus, I was stunned to recognize upon finishing composition and beginning orchestration that I seemed to be dealing with a different philosophy of form. Previously, what I’ve envisioned ideally contains a beginning that flows naturally within a long line towards the concluding moments. Now, it seemed as if the music was hastening to attempt Jim Morrison’s “break on through to the other side” concept, as if spiraling upwards rather than forward, not so much becoming as focusing on the present moment continuously being born anew."

- Michael Robinson, October 2020, Los Angeles


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Michael Robinson is a Los Angeles-based composer and writer (musicologist).