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Coexistance Equation

Listening to a documentary about how Albert Einstein conceived his theory of relativity, taking the time to ponder essential elements of life on a planetary scale, I was curious to think of an equation for coexistence between two or more individuals or countries. Here is what I decided upon ...


M√5 (Personal or National History + Personal or National Temperament + Cultural Orientation + Financial Status + Level of Intelligence)

X (times)

N√4 (Interest + Respect + Understanding + Degree of Application of the Golden Rule)

= (equals)

O√2 (Percentage of Harmony or Conflict Between Two or More Individuals or Countries)


Jaunpuri (1999) is for European clarinet and Chinese Pipa with Indian tabla, dholak, dhol and two tanpuras.


- Michael Robinson, May 2018, Los Angeles


© 2018 Michael Robinson All rights reserved


Michael Robinson is a Los Angeles-based composer and writer (musicologist).