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Cover art for Azure Miles Records albums uses hand silkscreen and hand woodblock printed papers chosen to reflect and enhance the music. Above is the cover for Dhani (2003).


Pretty funny: I had assembled all 137 of my albums for a mailing, and played a game with a friend, her showing me the cover of each album, and my having to state the correct title. There is no printing at all on these covers, just the art work consisting of actual handmade papers from India, Japan and Nepal. Because I've spent so much intensive time with the music for each album it was easy to instantly identify the titles from the cover art, but she couldn't believe it, especially with names like Dhirasankarabharanam.


"Three Gats" concludes my 3.5 hour composition and performance, Dhani, along with the album art being used for the corrosponding YouTube video, as is customary for Azure Miles Records releases. "Alap" and "Jor and Jhala" preceed "Three Gats."


One reason 137 caught my attention is because the individual integers add up to my favorite number eleven.

- Michael Robinson, April 2018, Los Angeles


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Michael Robinson is a Los Angeles-based composer and writer (musicologist).