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A Trance of Relaxation

That's what jazz is, referring to the title here. Basically, we are duple people with two feet, hands, eyes. What jazz does is launch us into the triple stratosphere creating a transcendental state of mind and body and soul and spirit. That's what the jazz feel is - a form of triplet music superimposed upon our basic duple consciousness and physical orientation. Even when intense emotions and moods are expressed, including reaching a frenzied state, the player must have control of proper breathing and elemental physical balance, etc. Is this related to ancient whirling and spinning rituals of the Sufis? Definitely, not to mention the obvious glories of ostinati obsession originating from Africa.

The best jazz is true to the moment and suffused with the heart of the utterer. And thank you to Lee KonitzBill Evans, Jimmy Garrison, Paul Motian and Warne Marsh for being the jazz I was listening to when I finally put my finger on this pretty elusive thought. Maybe someone has said it before. I just never read it or heard it from anyone. 

- Michael Robinson, March 2018, Los Angeles


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Michael Robinson is a Los Angeles-based composer and writer (musicologist).