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The Musician's Show featuring Michael Robinson

Enjoyed being interviewed about my music and influences along with the tracks played listed below. Lee Konitz and Jackie McLean are two of my favorite jazz musicians among others that might also have been included. Previously, I've been a guest of the New Music Department at WKCR many times, this being the first invitation from the Jazz Department reflecting how my music is perhaps unclassifiable while touching different genres simultaneously, related to the In All Languages (World Music) and Classical departments as well. My musician side is one with my composer side given how I create the performances of my compositions for Meruvina. During the last few years, I've also begun recording piano improvisations, ancillary to my composed music for Meruvina.

- Michael Robinson, June 2019, Los Angeles



Wed, May 29th 2019, 6 pm

Jazz Alternatives - Musician's Show
180 minutes

Guest Artist: Michael Robinson


Michael Robinson - Hummingbird Canyon 42.49' 
from Hummingbird Canyon (2014)


Lee Konitz and Red Mitchell - Night and Day 3.56'
from I Concentrate on You: A Tribute to Cole Porter (1974)


Lee Konitz and Red Mitchell - Just One of Those Things 5.10'
from I Concentrate on You: A Tribute to Cole Porter (1974)


Jackie McLean - Demon's Dance 7.09'
from Demon's Dance (1970)


Jackie McLean - Toyland 5.21'
from Demon's Dance (1970)


Jackie McLean - Sweet Love of Mine 6.01'
from Demon's Dance (1970)


Michael Robinson - Tunis Phantom 38.22'
from Tunis Phantom (2019)


Michael Robinson - Stars Blossom 30.11'
from Tunis Phantom (2019)