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Related Links including Michael Robinson featured at the website of composer and musicologist Kyle Gann from 1998-2010


La Monte Young, master of minimalism and perfectly tuned drones, now with his own authorized web page 

Robert Ashley, the leading opera composer of the late 20th century, an amazing, visionary composer 

William Duckworth, the leading postminimalist and a composer of enchanting piano and chamber works 

Rhys Chatham, a seminal figure in Downtown music and composer of works for 100 electric guitars 

Pauline Oliveros, pioneer of meditation music, and one of the great organizers for new music 

Philip Glass, the minimalist whose early rhythms and harmonies Kyle Gann was most influenced by 

Glenn Branca, creator of symphonies for electric guitars 

Diamanda Galas, spine-tingling songstress of the avant-garde 

Doctor Nerve, Nick Didkovsky's New York ensemble for hot computer-written rock/jazz/classical fusion 

Harry Partch Lives in Corporeal, a spirited debate forum for hard- and soft-core Partchians 

Salvatore Martirano, one of the great Midwest originals 

Michael Robinson, a west-coast live-electronics composer of wild imagination 

Anthony De Ritis, a computer music whiz and Kyle Gann's most famous and thriving composition student, now on faculty at Northeastern University

Kaikhosru Sorabji, acerbic critic and Parsi composer of gargantuan piano works 

Giacinto Sclesi, Italian mystic composer with a "one-tone" philosophy of music 

Ivan Wyschnegradsky, amazing Russian-born composer whose mystical vision impelled him to write music in quarter-tones and sixth-tones