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The right column below lists all 146 albums with the left column adding additional pertinent links

bandcamp 2021 albums:
ten questions taffeta patterns new release!
wikipedia page garlanded in wistaria upcoming release!
youtube videos  
dublab guest sessions 2020 albums:
baker's dictionary of musicians lotus-pollen
  the waters' child
autobiography queen of space
new music usa library natabhairavi new orchestration!
piano improvisation series  
new music world feature 2019 albums:
  spirit lady
interviews with indian masters dazzling darkness
lee konitz interview: miracle of improvising tunis phantom
the culturium: touch a colour  
  2018 albums:
meruvina: composition, performance coalesce ocean avenue
leonard altman: music rescuer nectar-spells
spotlight mango-bird
simply put  
composing with ragas & technology 2017 albums:
  lilac dawn
charukeshi in lahaina: with george harrison viridian seas
beginning composition: john cage  
  2016 album:
16 composers list with michael robinson celestial crocodile
22 artists discography with michael robinson  
sea changes 2015 albums:
  moonrise and rain-mist
fifteen questions rajasthani spring
above the world: manhattan with lee  
cosmic rituals interview 2014 albums:
pointers becoming an appreciation the spirit pool
finding nazir: nazir ali jairazbhoy hummingbird canyon
mozart and mockingbirds 2013 albums:
decoding bonn bacchus, varanasi visionary lucknow shimmer
you surrender yourself lahaina lanterns
joe nails it 2012 albums:
wellspring of joy: rollan masciarelli the fiddler of dooney
with three teachers: reich, konitz & zakir emerald anklets
meeting manzarek ruby soul
priceless musical gems  
land of pancakes: walking miracle mile 2011 albums:
  amethyst labyrinth
gift from earl wild carnelian compass
conflagrating rag & tal: mclean & dejohnette peridot pond
transcendental consolidation: stan getz onyx sands
into a newborn day: words inspiring jazz  
  twenty 2010 albums!
momentous phrase moment  
a stranger nobody sees  
genesis of a musical form 2005-2009 albums:
  darbari kanada
i do, too todi
deep bebop roots natabhairavi
fence sounds yaman
  nat narayan
how high the moon: eliot zigmund & bill evans vachaspati
setting sail shankara
syntactical acclimatization  
  2003 albums:
natural music dhani ~
red coffee cup mian ki malhar
wisdom from the beatles  
  2002 albums:
hear my thoughts charukeshi
divine influence: anindo chatterjee gangadhara
overcoming: don shirley puriya dhanashri
advocating ad: ad reinhardt 2001 albums:
over chicken soup bhimpalasi
in the light of your moon rageshri
thoughts so sublime 2000 albums:
vision-mathematical music kaunsi kanada
lips and music wed kirvani ~
human counterpoint patdeep, jait and megh
melody of rhythm madhamad sarang
promised land dark yellow
  night of fire
breakfast with frank polynesian woman
spring and spring snow and wood ~
a musical hypothesis purple and brown
  the lotus girl
triad and triads the abode of joy
the greatest composer the abode of snow
phantom puppet poetry the jewel treasure of the ocean
  sea of france
what is a raga? inspiration point
light the night: laura nyro
patelson's crossroads 1999 albums:
unforgettable epiphany: charlie parker astral palace
ushering at carnegie hall bhoop
three suns indian ocean
  robinson gardens
myself and two contemporaries north africa
from sea of france to morning star photosynthesis
546 page & 59,329 note music odyssey the forest
a trance of relaxation 1998 albums:
setting the bar high sagarmatha
FAQ nagamani
  luminous realms
genie genre lunar mansions
  snow leopard meadow
  monsoon clouds
  the listening earth
  1997 albums:
  chinese legend
  indian jasmine
  1996 albums:
  rainbow thunder
  adorned with pearl
  1995 albums:
  touch a color
  1994 album:
  fire monkey
  1991 album:
  trembling flowers
  music from 1988-1994:
  twenty-one albums!
  music from 1984-1989:
  twenty-three albums!


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