News for Azure Miles Records - The Music of Composer Michael Robinson


Lotus-Pollen new release!


Michael Robinson discussing Lotus-Pollen on dublab


The Tower's Balustrade upcoming release!


546 Page and 59,329 Note Music Odyssey new writing!


Mel and Mel new writing!


You Surrender Yourself new writing!


A Demon's Leisure from Yeats new writing!


From Sea of France to Morning-Star: Missing Discreet Music with Dean Suzuki new writing!


With George: George Harrison and Michael Robinson new writing!


Myself and Two Contemporaries new writing!


Michael Robinson and His Computer Music: A Unique American (Eastern US Times)


Michael Robinson: One Man Orchestra (All About Jazz)


Michael Robinson: Touch A Colour (The Culturium)


How Charlie Parker Occupied My Life (Norman Lebrecht blog)


In Memoriam Pandit Jasraj (Tribute by Michael Robinson)


I Learned My Music at Patelson's (Norman Lebrecht blog)


Meet Michael Robinson of Azure Miles Records in Fairfax (Voyage LA)