News for Azure Miles Records - The Music of Composer Michael Robinson


Six new piano improvisation albums upcoming releases!


A Parrot Sipping Tea new release!


Stargirl ~ Orion's Hour ~ Turning Rain

three new piano improvisation releases!


Michael Robinson discussing A Parrot Sipping Tea & four earlier works (dublab)


Michael Robinson About Improvisation ("Fifteen" Questions)


Michael Robinson's Piano Improvisation Series (All About Jazz)


Much Like My First Experience With Bebop (Vince G.)


Elevate, Levitate, Airborne (Carla C.)


Gould Bringing Schoenberg To Life new writing!


On the Street of Dreams new writing!


On Losing A Piano Teacher new writing!


In the Booth with Phil Schaap new writing!


Michael Robinson discussing Garlanded In Wistaria & four earlier works (dublab)


You Are An Explorer (Vince G.)


Waves of Highs and Lows (Carla C.)


Michael Robinson: Taffeta Patterns (All About Jazz)


Meet Michael Robinson: Composer & Recording Artist (Shoutout LA)


Michael Robinson discussing Taffeta Patterns (dublab)


Well Worth Paying Attention To (RTQE)


A Toure de Force (Vince G.)