News for Azure Miles Records - the Music of Composer Michael Robinson


Green Garnets new release!


Six new piano improvisation releases!


Michael Robinson and Anindo Chatterjee four upcoming releases!

piano and tabla improvisations


Jasmine Perfume upcoming release!


Six New Solo Piano Improvisation albums upcoming releases!


Michael discussing Jetavana on dublab


A Delight To Hear (Greg Sandow)


The Bright Beat of Drum Brushes (Carla Crow)


Seven Albums Of Unique Takes On Standards (All About Jazz)


A Holy Place (Carla Crow)


Michael Robinson introducing Gregorian Winter on dublab


"...Robinson operates on the threshold of fluidity and structure..."(All About Jazz)


Voices Heated With Love of the Divine (Carla Crow)


Stars Punctuated By Comets (Vincent Guarino)


"...Robinson has created a brilliant and absorbing amalgam..."(All About Jazz)


Michael Robinson about La Monte Young, Tuning & Indian classical music ("15" Questions)


Two Weeks Ago new writing!


Pharoah Nights new writing!


Sonny Stitt Influencing John Coltrane new writing!


They May Be Awakened new writing!


When Count Basie Met Queen Elizabeth new writing!


Equinox and the Moonlight Sonata new writing!


Much Like My First Experience With Bebop (Vincent Guarino)


Elevate, Levitate, Airborne (Carla Crow)


Michael Robinson's Piano Improvisation Series (All About Jazz)


Michael Robinson introducing A Parrot Sipping Tea & four earlier works (dublab)


Michael Robinson About Improvisation ("Fifteen" Questions)


A Visionary Digital Template (Francine Robbins)


Michael Robinson introducing Garlanded In Wistaria & four earlier works (dublab)


You Are An Explorer (Vincent Guarino)


Waves of Highs and Lows (Carla Crow)


Michael Robinson: Taffeta Patterns (All About Jazz)


Meet Michael Robinson: Composer & Recording Artist (Shoutout LA)


Michael Robinson discussing Taffeta Patterns (dublab)


Well Worth Paying Attention To (RTQE)


A Toure de Force (Vincent Guarino)