Michael Robinson

The Abode of Snow

Cover art is handmade paper from India








1. First Part (30.03)

meruvina: glockenspiels




2. Second Part (29.37)

meruvina: glockenspiels




All music Composed and Programmed by Michael Robinson for performance and recording in real time without any overdubbing or added parts.

Recorded and Mastered by Catharine Wood at the Planetwood Productions studio in Eagle Rock (Los Angeles), California.

Musicians are welcome to perform these compositions with acoustic and/or electronic instruments.



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The Abode of Snow is a new name for my third string quartet. The version here is scored for glockenspiels that clearly illuminate the individual voices. The original string quartet actually consisted of violin, viola, cello, and double bass.

The first part of the composition is rather mystical, and moves at a slow tempo. The second part is rhythmic in nature, returning to slower music in it’s middle section, and then concluding with more rhythmic music in the third and concluding section.

- Michael Robinson, Lahaina, December 2000

© 2000 Michael Robinson