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Deep Bebop Roots and More

Thoughts about my music coming from friends sometimes blows me away given their depth of understanding and articulative abilities. So gratifying to hear from a former music industry friend what myself and others like Lee Konitz know to be true concerning my jazz roots grown first from the fertile earth and sky of Charlie Parker:

"Your Spirit Lady caught me off guard. It removed me from my living room, closing my eyes the instruments and electronics took my mind’s eye into a Tron-like world. Interestingly, it made me feel like moving. You combine modern with ancient, primitive structures in very original ways." (Vince G.)

"I was just taking a second twirl with Spirit Lady. You have deep bebop roots. And the “Just a whisper of Doors” used like some exotic spice. You’re good." (Vince G.)

What follows are comments from an artist friend tuned into the expression of my music:

"What a fine package of pleasure. Spirit Lady, at first glance so fast. When the pace of the music becomes established, the speed becomes drone, and all that's left is the energy of the sound. Please pardon my music-speak. I do, slightly, read music. Enough to truly enjoy seeing your notated sheets. Viewed it as visual art and it pleased my eyes. Liner notes are gorgeous. You are blessed with many gifts, Michael." (Carla C.)

"Thank you for Dazzling Darkness, Michael. It’s beautiful. It sounds like the soundtrack for "empty" mind. Rather than evoke images, it stirs the stillness rather than thoughts. You've done it again, dear friend. Kudos. The music lingers in space after it finishes playing." (Carla C.)

"The two new items were a treat for the ears. Tunis Phantom really got my attention as I'm also reading Philip Glass' Music Without Words. Was on the chapter about his connection to Ravi Shankar/Alla Rakha when your email arrived. When I got to the "place" in Tunis, where I figured out what you were doing, I heard it as a gift to my ears. The tabla sounds were so fine. I applaud this new work. Then, you turn it around completely with Stars Blossom, so soft and sweet. Music for the night. Keep it coming, Michael. Your art is my pleasure." (Carla C.)


A great pleasure to share all these most perceptive thoughts seeming to know my music better than I do myself.

- Michael Robinson, January 2020, Los Angeles


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Michael Robinson is a Los Angeles-based composer and writer (musicologist).