Azure Miles Records ~ The Music of Michael Robinson

Michael Robinson


Cover art is hand silkscreened paper from Japan








1. Returning Voice (1991) 3.47

meruvina: bells, synthesizer


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2. Photosynthesis (1994) 16.28 (four movements)

meruvina: bells, guitar, trumpet, violin, flute, vibraphone, clarinet, acoustic bass, synthesizer, shakuhachi, strings, harp, organ, electric guitar, timpani, percussion


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3. Malleable (1994) 5.46

meruvina: trumpet, synthesizer, strings, ocean waves, bells, percussion


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4. Moroccan Snow (1994) 4.05

meruvina: guitar, electric piano, wind bells, timpani, percussion


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5. Ocean (1992) 18.21 (four movements)

meruvina: guitar, strings, jamisen, flute, cello, xylophone, clarinet, recorder, percussion


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6. Molokai (1989) 7.02

meruvina: strings


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All music composed and programmed by Michael Robinson for performance and recording in real time without any overdubbing or added parts.

Recorded and Mastered by Catharine Wood at the Planetwood Productions studio in Eagle Rock (Los Angeles), California.

Musicians are welcome to perform these compositions with acoustic and/or electronic instruments.



Photosynthesis opens with a cheerful work titled Returning Voice, made with a gamelan-like timbre over synthesizer ostinatos.

The title piece, in four movements, traverses a kaleidoscopic range of instrumental colors, both Eastern and Western, along with a mixture of high and low energy peaks.

Malleable features a trumpet tuned to an exotic scale, sliding through and around an ominous background of diverse textures.

Moroccan Snow is a subdued Near Eastern painting with blended timbres.

Ocean, in four movements, presents a contrasting sequence of moods, textures, speeds and colors.

Molokai was inspired by the late afternoon view of the mysterious island from my favorite swimming beach during the year I lived in Maui. This is a pure musical meditation.

The music on this recording was composed between 1989 and 1994.

- Michael Robinson, December 1999, Lahaina

© 1999 Michael Robinson All rights reserved