Michael Robinson


Cover art is hand silkscreened paper from Japan








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1. Returning Voice (1991) 3.44

meruvina: bells, synthesizer

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2. Photosynthesis (1994) 13.04 (four movements)

meruvina: bells, guitar, trumpet, violin, flute, vibraphone, clarinet, acoustic bass,

synthesizer, shakuhachi, strings, harp, organ, electric guitar, timpani, percussion

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3. Malleable (1994) 5.50

meruvina: trumpet, synthesizer, strings, ocean waves, bells, percussion

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4. Moroccan Snow (1994) 5.05

meruvina: guitar, electric piano, wind bells, timpani, percussion

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5. Ocean (1992) 18.19 (four movements)

meruvina: guitar, strings, jamisen, flute, cello, xylophone, clarinet, recorder, percussion

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6. Molokai (1989) 6.57

meruvina: strings

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Composed, Programmed, Mixed, Designed and Produced by Michael Robinson

Recorded and Mastered by Catharine Wood at Planetwood Studios

Photosynthesis opens with a cheerful work titled Returning Voice, made with a gamelan-like timbre over synthesizer ostinatos.

The title piece, in four movements, traverses a kaleidoscopic range of instrumental colors, both Eastern and Western, along with a mixture of high and low energy peaks.

Malleable features a trumpet tuned to an exotic scale, sliding through and around an ominous background of diverse textures.

Moroccan Snow is a subdued Near Eastern painting with blended timbres.

Ocean, in four movements, presents a contrasting sequence of moods, textures, speeds and colors.

Molokai was inspired by the late afternoon view of the mysterious island from my favorite swimming beach during the year I lived in Maui. This is a pure musical meditation.

The music on this recording was composed between 1989 and 1994.

- Michael Robinson, December 1999, Lahaina

© 1999 Michael Robinson All rights reserved