Ordering Suggestions from Michael Robinson

My music is intended for close, even meditational listening, with elements of both adbhuta rasa (exhilaration) and shanta rasa (tranquility). There is an expressive feel different from live musicians that may deter some, but hopefully, you will give my medium an opportunity beyond that traditional expectation, and allow the import of the music to manifest.

For an introduction to my music, I suggest any of the CDs from the first two categories. These CDs represent my current musical direction, which uses the meruvina and Indian ragas as a basis for composition. That said, Chinese Legend (1997), Kaunsi Kanada (2000) and Darbari Kanada (2007) are good places to start. The Listening Earth (1998), a compilation of shorter compositions, is also a good introduction to my music.

If you visit the individual CDs on the homepage, there is information regarding specific instrumentation, and liner notes explaining the aesthetic and technical nature of the music.

All Azure Miles CDs manifest a continuum of my experiences and perceptions of the inner and outer worlds through the realm of music. The recordings are divided into five main categories as follows:


Post-Raga CDs for Meruvina

Music that is not based on specific ragas, yet exhibits a strong influence from my previous use of ragas.

5012 Ocean Avenue


5011 Nectar-Spells


5010 Mango-Bird


5009 Viridian Seas


5008 Lilac Dawn factory pressing


5007 Lilac Dawn


5006 Celestial Crocodile and Honu Morning


5005 Moonrise and Rain-Mist


5004 Rajasthani Spring


5003 The Spirit Pool


5002 Hummingbird Canyon


5001 Lucknow Shimmer


4042 Lahaina Lanterns


4041 The Fiddler of Dooney


4040 Ruby Soul


4039 Nightmarchers


CDs for Meruvina Based on Indian Ragas

Music that uses Indian ragas as a basis for composition, simultaneously engaging your intellect, and inducing a trancelike state.


4038 Emerald Anklets (Kalyani)


4037 Carnelian Compass (Kirwani)


4036 Amethyst Labyrinth (Charukeshi)


4035 Peridot Pond (Vanaspati)


4034 Onyx Sands (Gangeyabhusani)


4033 Pink Sapphire


4032 Pink Monkey


4031 Summer Morning


4030 Ganamurti


4029 The Girl In The Photograph (Varunapriya)


4028 Tanarupi


4027 Ramapriya


4026 Kamavardhani


4025 Kanakangi


4024 Kokilapriya


4023 Chakravaka


4022 Latangi


4021 Dhirasankarabharanam


4020 Dharmavati


4019 Rusabhapriya


4018 Hansadhvani


4017 Gamanapriya


4016 Bhairavi


4015 Bhairava


4014 California Spring (Suryakanta)


4013 Todi


4012 Darbari Kanada


4011 Natabhairavi


4010 Shankara


4009 Nat Narayan


4008 Yaman


4007 Vachaspati


4006 Dhani: Drut, Ati Drut & Ati Ati Drut Gats


4005 Dhani: Jor & Jhala


4004 Dhani: Alap


4003 Mian Ki Malhar


4002 Gangadhara (Bhupali)


4001 Charukeshi


3027 Puriya Dhanashri


3026 Bhimpalasi: Vilambit, Madhya & Drut Gats


3025 Bhimpalasi: Jor & Jhala


3024 Bhimpalasi: Alap


3023 Rageshri


3022 Madhmad Sarang


3021 Bairagi


3020 Kirvani


3019 Kaunsi Kanada


3018 Patdeep, Jait & Megh


3017 Bhoop


3016 Jaunpuri


3015 Astral Palace (Malkauns)


3014 Indian Ocean (Nat Bhairav)


3013 Snow Leopard Meadow (Ahir Bhairav)


3012 Monsoon Clouds (Madhuvanti)


3011 Sagarmatha (Shuddha Nat)


3010 The Listening Earth (Compilation featuring shorter pieces from eight of the CDs in this series)


3009 Nagamani


3008 Luminous Realms (Marwa & Durga)


3007 Lunar Mansions (Lalit & Simendra Madhyam)


3006 Chinese Legend (Udaya Ravichandrika, Bilaskhani Todi & Gunkali)


3005 Indian Jasmine (Jog, Bhupali & Kedara)


3004 Adorned With Pearl (Basant Mukhari, Jaijaivanti & Chandra Lekha)

3003 Rainbow Thunder (Vasanta, Shri & Chandra Lekha)


3002 Tendrils (Nand Kedar, Kirvani, Madhu Kauns & Chandra Kauns)


3001 Hamoa (Mayamalavagaula & Mechakalyani)


CDs for Meruvina Based on Alap

Alap, which translates to mean evocation, or conversation with God, is the opening section of Indian ragas. The musical profile and rasa are presented by a melodic voice floating over a tanpura or tanpuras. There is no tempo or percussion used in these CDs. Indians compare alap to the void that existed the world was created. The 2000 series CDs listed in this section were composed before I became involved with Indian classical music, yet they anticipate the form and feeling of alap. The 3000 and 4000 series CDs listed here are actual alaps. Please note that almost all of the CDs based upon ragas begin with alap before continuing with jor, jhala and gats, the later featuring percussion. If you happen to be looking for a CD to fall asleep to, Inspiration Point is extremely effective. Just set your CD player to repeat, and the hour-long piece will lull you away. What's great is that it is also interesting to listen to on an intellectual level if you are prepared for doing that. After hearing Inspiration Point in concert, a journalist approached me to enthuse that Inspiration Point was one of the greatest pieces of music he had ever heard.

2005 Sea of France


2004 Dark Yellow


2003 Inspiration Point


3015 Astral Palace (Malkauns)


4002 Gangadhara (Bhupali)


4004 Dhani: Alap


4030 Ganamurti


4029 The Girl In The Photograph (Varunapriya)


4028 Tanarupi


4025 Kanakangi


4024 Kokilapriya


4021 Dhirasankarabharanam


4020 Dharmavati


4019 Rusabhapriya


4018 Hansadhvani


4015 Bhairava


4014 California Spring (Suryakanta)


2014 Ruby Cars

2015 Yellow Silk

2016 Buki

2017 Yellow and Black


2018 Irish Ghost

2019 August

2020 Wings of the Owls


Pre-Raga CDs for Meruvina

The 2000 series features music composed during the five years prior to my study of Indian classical music. These compositions are highly colorful, rhythmic and contrapuntal, containing elements from both Western and World Music, including some tunings other than equal temperment.


2001 Trembling Flowers


2002 Fire Monkey


2003 Inspiration Point


2004 Dark Yellow


2005 Sea of France


2006 Robinson Gardens


2007 North Africa


2008 Photosynthesis


2009 The Forest


2010 Night of Fire


2011 Purple and Brown


2012 Polynesian Woman


2013 Snow and Wood


2014 Ruby Cars

2015 Yellow Silk

2016 Buki


2017 Yellow and Black

2018 Irish Ghost

2019 August

2020 Wings of the Owls

2021 Lion Dance


2022 Earth's Pebbles

2023 Movement of Time

2024 African Pillows


2025 Wine Breath


2026 Like Rain

2027 Crayons

2028 Teahouse

2029 Hawaiian Rain

2030 Portrait

2031 Bouquet


2032 Family of Cardinals


2033 Azure Miles


2034 Yellow Lights


CDs with Meruvina Realizations of Compositions Originally for Acoustic Instruments

These are meruvina realizations of my second and third symphonies for orchestra, and second and third string quartets. Rather than attempting to recreate the sounds of a symphony orchestra and string quartet, I used the meruvina found on the 2000 series to create glockenspiel and vibraphone timbres chosen for their spare, transparent nature. The music is extremely contrapuntal and energetic, and you will notice traces of musical characteristics that define my later works.

The Lotus Girl and The Abode of Joy each contain five of my earliest compositions, including the first piece I ever wrote: Promenade des Tortues, which is really fun to listen to, and the last piece I wrote for live musicians, Demesne, which is also a lot of fun to listen to.

Other compositions originally for live musicians include two Piano Sonatas, four One-Act Music Dramas, a song cycle, numerous songs for voice and piano, and miscellaneous works, all of which I hope to make available in the future.

1001 The Lotus Girl (Symphony No. 2 and five shorter works)


1002 The Abode of Joy (String Quartet No. 2 and five shorter works)


1003 The Jewel Treasure of the Ocean (Symphony No. 3)


1004 The Abode of Snow (String Quartet No. 3)



Albums For the Original Meruvina 1984-1989


7001 A Danish Princess


7002 A Demon's Leisure


7003 Above the Door


7004 April


7005 Black Waves


7006 Cave Pond


7007 Charcoal Notes


7008 Distant Times


7009 Early Spring


7010 Foreign River


7011 Gift


7012 March Wind


7013 Neptune


7014 Oil Drops


7015 Persia


7016 Pictures On the Wall


7017 Pink Carnation


7018 Silver Grey


7019 Smokestack


7020 Stained Light


7021 Thursday Evening


7022 Welsh Witch


7023 Winter Fantasy