21 Albums

Michael Robinson

Ruby Cars

Cover art is handmade paper from India




1. Ruby Cars (1988) 60.07

meruvina: piano, shaker


Composed, Programmed, Mixed, Designed and Produced by Michael Robinson

Recorded and Mastered by Catharine Wood at Planetwood Studios

The compositions found on these 21 albums (see below) form an intriguing part of my musical oeuvre. There simply has not been enough time to write individual liner notes, so this will suffice for now. In some ways, I think of the compositions here as gypsies, eluding being placed on earlier albums for various reasons.

Encompassing the years 1989 to 1994, all the music here is for my second meruvina incarnation (there are four incarnations to date) prior to my transformative studies with Harihar Rao, the senior disciple of Ravi Shankar. You are invited to peruse and consider these 21 albums of vagabond compositions, perhaps even finding some you prefer over all my other work.

African Pillows ~ August ~ Azure Miles ~ Bouquet ~ Buki ~ Crayons ~ Earth's Pebbles

Family of Cardinals ~ Hawaiian Rain ~ Irish Ghost ~ Like Rain ~ Lion Dance ~ Movement of Time ~ Portrait

Ruby Cars ~ Teahouse ~ Wine-Breath ~ Wings of the Owls ~ Yellow and Black ~ Yellow Lights ~ Yellow Silk

- Michael Robinson, May 2017, Los Angeles

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