You Are An Explorer

Garlanded In Wistaria comments by Vincent Guarino

You never cease to amaze. I loved the pensive mood with that distant contemplative feeling that your slow tempo evoked. There was just a hint of flavor reminiscent of Francis Lai’s musical scores in the mid sixties. You skillful mix of musical ingredients, interweaving classical Indian music and jazz truly produce a unique sound and musical experience. You are very gifted.

What I have noticed in your music is that you use various musical elements as tools to structure forms and you then uniquely add new dimensions. The expressions that result are transporting.

In a way your dream with Picasso is revealing, in that you are exploring your art.  

In his early days in Paris, Picasso and his circle of friends and artists debated and were embroiled in discussions about their art and the meaning of preciousness and what made a painting priceless. It became so serious that some say he and his friends were behind the theft of the Mona Lisa and that copies were made. The French Police even held him for a few days. But I digress. Picasso explored throughout his whole life - classical art, Impressionism, cubism, ceramics, color, and line in - always seeking and exploring. Others, like Monet, drilled down (Water Lillies).  

You are an Explorer, you hear and see new horizons in the distance. You go there and explore and then through your music you share that journey to new lands.

- Vincent Guarino, May 2021, Pacific Pallisades