Hamoa by Michael Robinson - Keyboard Magazine review

Azure Miles Records

Michael Robinson has released a new CD titled Hamoa. This release represents a very new and different direction for Robinson, whose earlier releases include Fire Monkey and Trembling Flowers.

Using new equipment has opened up totally new musical vistas. This compliments his study of Hindustani music with teacher and tabla player Harihar Rao.

The impact of North Indian music is ubiquitous on Hamoa. But by moving out into worldly influences, Robinson also leaves the door open for Near Eastern, African, East Asian, Australian, and other influences to seep into his music.

This, the curious tunings used, and Robinson's particular ability to use mechanical sounds musically makes for a listening experience that is at once dreamy and astringent, beautiful and a tad disorienting.

- Titus Levi, 1996