Bhimpalasi by Michael Robinson

- Amanda MacBlane, NewMusicBox

Michael Robinson: Puriya Dhanashri (Azure Miles Records)

Michael Robinson: Bhimpalasi (Azure Miles Records)

With his most recent works, Puriya Dhanashri and the three-CD set Bhimpalasi, Michael Robinson fuses raga music with traditional Western orchestral instruments and computer-generated sounds. As if this weren't original enough, each recording comes with a one-of-a-kind cover made by Robinson himself from paper imported from Japan and India.

SoundTracks: April 2002

Robinson mixes the organic virtues of raga with the synthetic ability of MIDI to create 3 CDs, each a different section of the one piece. The introspective nature of the music grows and changes over the course of three CDs, creating a spiritual journey of sound. Equally as impressive are the one-of-a-kind covers made from hand silkscreen and hand woodblock printed papers from Japan and India.

Michael Robinson - computer programming

- Amanda MacBlane, April 2002, NewMusicBox