The Listening Earth by Michael Robinson (Azure Miles Records)

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Michael Robinson: The Listening Earth (Azure Miles Records)

'The Listening Earth' is an excellent introduction to the music of Michael Robinson. It is a compilation, made at the request of several radio programmers, of shorter pieces from six of Robinson's CDs.

Writing in Keyboard magazine (1991), Titus Levi quotes composer Michael Robinson: "I'm interested in discovering and liberating the expressive quality - the essence - of computer-controlled music. I want this music to emanate from the computer in the same way other sounds emanate in nature, like wind and water." Levi observes, "It's an ambitious goal, one that places special demands on the listener. Robinson's sense of timing, phrasing, form, and flow guide listeners toward his alternative vision. His music has the clarity and ingenuousness of Chinese brush painting, some of the hard geometric edginess of Kandinsky, and a detached, ethereal, and abstract quality that nonetheless seems bound to the tight forms found in some abstract Expressionist paintings."

- CDeMusic (1999)

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