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My sense is that we have committed great violence upon our children by denying them meaningful music and arts education in both public and private schools, and lacking such orientation, bolstered by the strangling commerciality of radio and television programming (yes, much of this still drives what's absorbed online), communication and a sense of connectedness suffers, including embracing the glories of divergent cultures and Nature itself as a living entity fragile as a newborn child. I knew someone who claimed to be part of the ruling class, and he admitted that generating income was the modus operandi, and for his set the thought of any compromise over that passion would be like an artist giving up painting, or a musician giving up music.

While a student at Tanglewood, I had opportunity to interact with Leonard Bernstein, including sitting front row center during a performance of Mahler's Ninth Symphony. During an exposed passage towards the end of the First Movement, the French horn soloist cracked a note, and the violence I felt from Bernstein's body in instantaneous corporeal reflex was frightening. So yes, we also must learn to sublimate our anger, including all social classes, led by pertinent and persistent swaths of creative rather than conformist artistic milieus forming an essential core of our education leading to qualities and actualities we insist upon in life and liberty.

- Michael Robinson, February 2017, Los Angeles


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Michael Robinson is a Los Angeles-based composer and writer (musicologist).