Lee Konitz and Michael Robinson (Manhattan)






Ray Manzarek and Michael Robinson (Beverly Hills, California)






Joel Chadabe and Michael Robinson (Lincoln Center, Manhattan)






Rollan Masciarelli and Michael Robinson (Wantagh, Long Island)






Charlie Colin and Michael Robinson (Lahaina, Maui)








Leonard Altman









Steve Reich







David Lewin







Sarah Fuller







Don Funes (playing flute)








Salvatore Martirano








Bulent Arel








Mel Powell









Reggie Johnson








Joan La Barbara









Charles Dodge








Eleanor Academia








Adele Berk








Elliot Del Borgo









Ray Shiner









Arthur Frackenpohl










Perry Yaw












(contemplating a new composition about being caught in the rain while drying off)











(working out complex passages for four paws in his head)