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Screen shot of "People also search for" from entering "Michael Robinson composer"

Curious to see what would happen, I conducted a Google search for "Michael Robinson composer" and what appeared is the screen pictured above if you click on the resulting link "People also search for."

Among the composers who appeared, John Cage is someone I spent memorable time with. The Zoot Allures album by Frank Zappa, introduced to me by another important teacher, Don Funes, is one of the greatest recordings of all time in any genre. Philip Glass is a friend and colleague of my mentor, Steve Reich. Some have compared my music to Lou Harrison even though I'm unfamiliar with his work.

Given how Michael Robinson is a rather common name, my middle name Eric is sometimes added online. My mother once told me she made my initials MER to sound like the ending of the first name of Vladimir Horowitz even though the spelling is different. My initials are part of how I named the combination of software and hardware I use the meruvina.

One thing I'm glad to notice is how I'm the only composer among the ones listed whose music is entirely for meruvina, the medium I use for playing both acoustic instrumental timbres and electronic ones, the inference being this aspect is ultimately secondary to the quality and substance of the music itself.

- Michael Robinson, April 2021, Los Angeles


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Michael Robinson is a Los Angeles-based composer and writer (musicologist).