Much Like My First Experience With Bebop

Thoughts about A Parrot Sipping Tea by Vincent Guarino

Well my friend, finally found the right time to relax an experience your latest piece.  It was a beautiful morning in the shade of my trees with the sun ever growing stronger with the air of the morning beach still lingering on the breeze.  As I sat sipping my coffee I listened.  At first it seemed discordant to the tempo around me, but then after a few bars it swept me up. Much like my first experience with bebop.  

Getting lost in your music, I noticed slight sensations, that one might say were the awakening of chakras I was not aware of, mostly on the left side of my upper body. Every interesting.

Anyway, another remarkable piece. 

Responding to a question about the phrase,“Every interesting.”

Yes, I dropped something there. I suspect an inner voice was trying to express itself. Our consciousness, feelings and emotional responses are moderated by the level of our discernment. Sometimes our life force speaks out from inner depths of our being. Your music me thinks touched something that the consciousness missed.

- Vincent Guarino, August 2021, Pacific Pallisades