Visual Music at Indian Film Festival

India West

April 18, 2003

Los Angeles, Calif.-based composer/performer Michael Robinson will present the world premiere of Mian Ki Malhar, a composition based on an ancient monsoon raga, during the Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles at the ArcLight Cinemas in Hollywood, Calif. April 25.

Robinson will accompany his computer-performed music with improvised visuals. He plays an elaborate color synthesizer to produce an innovative and vibrant symbiosis of music and image.

Titled “Painted Ragas,” the music and visual performance presents a new interpretation of the ancient Indian tradition of ragamalas in real time.

“The software enables me to generate evolving images in relation to the music,” explained Robinson. “This is a relatively new technology, and the visual experience it provides is a pleasing partner for my music.”

Robinson’s music exploits the technical and expressive capabilities of pure computer-performed music, using Indian ragas as a basis for composition.

“My visual improvisations are abstract and meditative in nature; with both subtle and dynamic elements reflecting my fascination with modern and Asian art forms,” Robinson told India West.

Currently, the composer has 48 CDs to his credit on Azure Miles Records, distributed by CDeMUSIC a New York-based music foundation. He is currently creating DVD editions of each CD that include his improvised animations.

Robinson has been composing and performing his compositions based upon Indian classical music forms since 1995. He trained under the tutelage of Harihar Rao, Nazir Ali Jairazbhoy, Kala Ramnath and Pandit Jasraj. In addition to his private studies, Robinson has learned from live concerts by Indian masters, recordings and books. All of these influences serve as a foundation for the composer's innovative use of the raga form.

The concert will be held in a specially designed presentation space, with Indian artifacts, paintings, rugs and furniture, at the ArcLight Cinemas located at 6360 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood. For more information on the Indian Film Festival, visit indianfilmfestival For more information on Robinson’s CDs visit azuremilesrecords