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north africa


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robinson gardens

purple and brown

kanakangi ~ topaz

dharmavati ~ kamavardhani

the girl in the photograph ~ gamanapriya





Kaunsi Kananda
madhmad sarang

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inspiration point


rusabhapriya ~ tanarupi

bhairava ~ kokilapriya

latangi ~ ganamurti




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the forest

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polynesian woman

   african pillows ~ earth's pillows

lion dance ~ ruby cars

yellow silk ~ yellow and black

portrait ~ crayons


snow and wood



wings of the owls ~ august

buki ~ bouquet ~ irish ghost

yellow and black ~ hawaiian rain



the abode of joy

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movement of time ~ teahouse

wine-breath ~ azure miles

yellow lights ~ family of cardinals

the lotus girl

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a danish princess ~ a demon's leisure

above the door ~ april

black waves ~ cave pond


nat narayan


charcoal notes ~ distant times

early spring ~ foreign river

gift ~ march wind

indian ocean

the abode of snow


neptune ~ oil drops

persia ~ pictures on the wall

pink carnation ~ silver grey



the jewel treasure of the ocean


smokestack ~ stained light

thursday evening ~ welsh witch

winter fantasy

albums appear as planets and/or by name


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